Incident happened on 21/03/2018 at 8:00PM

at Leyds street, Sunnyside, Pretoria (-25.752210 28.209450)

I was lured to an address in Lynnwood by a guy on Manhunt, where I was then taken to a flat in Sunnyside by 4 black men, undressed and held at gunpoint and robbed. They forced me to transfer all my funds in my accounts, give them my pin numbers, do e wallets and threatened to kill me if i dont. They stole all my possessions and money which amounted to about R30 000.00. They also threatened to shoot me if I told anyone. I have informed the police of this and as I could not remember the location of the initial house because I used my GPS which they took. The police then contacted me and told me because I dont know the address (and said how can you not know, are you under the influence) they will not investigate and will close the docket and that the officer that took my affidavid was not even supposed to help me and that neither Garsfontein, Brooklyn or Sunnyside will accept this case...this was a few days later. Irrespective that I provided them with all the times, locations, and alot of information of where the crime actually took place (Sunnyside, Apartment 605/603). The police also said that they will take me to the area so I can look for the house but I am still traumatised by this and will not be able to find this place, I have tried. I apologise if I dont provide all the exact details but talking about this still causes severe anxiety. I have submitted an affidavit at the police case number 31103/2018 at Garsfontein station. What upsets me the most is that the police treated me like a criminal, they had no empathy, asked me constantly what was I doing there after I told them I just went to meet this person for the first time. And then when they phoned me accused me of being under the influence, because I couldnt remember the address of the first location. It was raining and dark, the streetlights werent working and I dont know Pretoria in so much detail. I have tried also reporting this to IPID and the Commissioner of Police, but have had no response at all from them. What infuriates me is that these people are getting away with what they did just because I couldnt find the one address and now it has happened to another person. I dont mind if someone contacts me but im too scared to ask for any help because I get judged and treated like my life doesnt matter. I am happy i am alive and wasnt hurt but that doesnt take away the emotional damage. I never use to be afraid of black people now Im terrified. If someone wishes to contact me for more details or willing to help, you can do so on

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We are so sorry about what happened to you. Someone from OUT LGBT well-being will be in touch.

Perhaps counseling could be the first point of departure?

Do you perhaps still have the profile name of this person so that we can alert others?

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