Incident happened on 15/03/2019 at 6:15PM

at Caledon, Western Cape (-34.228900 19.429500)

We attended a celebratory dinner for the company at a restaurant where all staff and spouses attended. Due to work related issues three of us arrived 15 minutes late - my partner and myself and one of our colleagues. Upon entering the restaurant we were called out by our boss/owner of the business that we were late because we had a threesome and then he continued to describe our supposedly threesome for all to hear - even going as far as to describe/suggest we were in leathers et al. Very embarrassing situation very far from the truth. My first response to the business owner was to please be sure of fact before transmitting for all to hear. Should we report this to the police?


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Categories Verbal abuse / hate speech


Hi There, thank you for reporting the violation.
Firstly because the perpetrator is your employer you may explore reporting him/her through internal HR procedures and should you be dissatisfied by the outcome you may escalate the matter to the CCMA. Secondly your bosses comments were a threat to your reputation and you may apply for a court interdict (damages for defamation) through the South African civil courts. You have to prove the statement, the damage caused to your reputation and the intention behind the comments. You can contact us on should you require further advice on the aforementioned procedures.

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