Incident with intervention happened on 03/05/2018 at 11:00AM

at 1 Somerset St, Grahamstown, 6139 St. Andrew's College, Eastern Cape, Grahamstown (-26.195250 28.034090)

Pupils at a private Christian boy’s school in Grahamstown have stood up against a guest preacher’s sermon that condemned homosexuality and described same-sex marriage as satanic.

On 3 May, Theuns Pauw from the African Enterprise international ministry was meant to address pupils at St. Andrew’s College about “the trappings of pornography and social media”.

He delivered a sermon at the school chapel but instead of sticking to the agreed topic, Pauw used the platform to also lash out against LGBTQ people, same-sex marriage and divorced parents.

According to witness reports and recordings, Pauw said to the shocked students and staff that “God made Adam and Eve, and not Adam and Steve,” adding that “it’s unnatural and ungodly”.

He further railed against adultery and criticised parents who get divorced, calling them a “failure”. He added that if any of the boys get divorced in the future, “your kids will hate you” and they will be “ruined for life”.

Pauw went on to state: “The devil is doing his very best, and is getting it right in most parts of the world, to redefine marriage so that Adam and Steve can now get married. It’s crazy! Do you want to be part of that? Do you want to be a statistic? Or do you want to end up with God one day?”

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