Incident happened on 11/11/2019 at 9:15AM

at c j Cronje building 80 love day street Johannesburg, Johannesburg (-26.200510 28.040900)

I wish lodge a complaint against a colleague for infringing on my rights as a gay person, amongst other complaints of harassment, work place bullying, incitement of other staff against me. Defamatory comments about my sexuality, physical assault, verbal abuse, devaluing language including stating that I need to be raped by a man,

Your urgent assistance and guidance in pursuing this matter in court by lgbt would be appreciated.


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Categories Verbal abuse / hate speech Physical attack Threats


Good day, we are sorry to hear about the treatment you are receiving from your colleague. There are various remedies available to you in seeking justice. The first point would be to seek for protection internally through lodging a grievance against your colleague. The discrimination arose within the workplace and it is your employers duty to ensure that you are protected from any form of discrimination. Your HR department would then be forced to engage in internal mediation processes which should be aimed at addressing the violations perpetrated by your colleague and to prevent further discriminatory actions within the company. Should the results of the internal mediation processes be unsatisfactory you may engage with CCMA processes to hold your employer accountable for not protecting you in the workplace. We are more than willing to assist you with drafting the letter of complaint and please feel free to contact us directly on for further advice and assistance.

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