Incident happened on 13/08/2018 at 7:30PM

at Benoni (-26.151090 28.369570)

I was in my room when my dad ones again came in to tell me someone at his work had made a comment about my hair when I have told him that he must tell the person to mind his own business, it's not just about that ever since I came out in 2014 he has been giving me hate speech, even making comments about how gay people should die or how I should die, he brought religion into all of it as well, I won't forget what he said that day when he got home when i came out, I won't ever forget all the times he had hit me and slapped me.

I was out of the house for a few months I had a job somewhere but the company didn't make it so I had to go back home,it's been about two months now it seems like he is going to start this all over again now 4 years later to where we are today, I don't want all of this to start again, I have the right to be treated with the same respect that I have shown towards him, I want to know what can I do? Where can I report him,this has to stop I have emotionally just gotten on to my feet and now he will push me back to being suicidle.


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