Incident happened on 13/09/2018 at 9:00AM

at 16 4th Street De Rust Western Cape, De Rust Oudtshoorn (-33.490380 22.532530)

We (me and my partner) are the rental agents for the property where the incident happened. The tenant Deon Roeland’s music was extremely loud and several neighbours contacted us to ask him to turn it down. We arrived at his gate, he was outside and asked him to turn the music down. While talking to him the neighbour across the street called my partner to complain again. I explained that the neighbours were upset about the music being extremely loud and he agreed to turn it down. As we were leaving he started shouting that he doesn’t listen to Fxxx Lesbians and Fxxx moffies and that the state of our country is because of all of us. He then carried on about what he will do to the moffie across the street for complaining to us and how he know what to do with Lesbians to make them straight etc. The language he used was abusive, hateful and threatening.
He is Deon Roeland, live at 16 4the street, De Rust, Western Cape.
My contact details: Gerde Marx, 0849999375


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Categories Verbal abuse / hate speech Threats


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