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Anyone can report an LGBTI hate crime or discrimination incident anonymously for documenting purposes. You can choose to report an incident or an intervention, either when the incident happened or anytime afterward, via mobile or computer.

Step 1: Choose Report Incident or Report Intervention

Step 2: Specify the location

If you are reporting at the time and place of the incident, click 'It just happened here' and it will auto-populate the location and time. Feel free to adjust it, or just move the map pin to narrow down the exact location.

If you are reporting an incident that happened earlier or somewhere else, click 'It happened earlier/elsewhere'. Then enter the address, city, and country of the location of the incident or just describe the place as best you can (you can also move the map pin to provide a very specific location).

Step 3: Describe what happened using the form below the map, and submit 

You will be able to view your report on the map immediately. We check all report descriptions to ensure anonymity and once it's done, the description will be viewable. If you want, you can sign up to receive updates on your report; updates include comments and expressions of support.

All reports are regularly reviewed to make sure that they are LGBTI hate crimes and/or LGBTI discrimination related. It should also be about a specific incident and not a general comment about LGBTI hate crimes. The report should say where and when it happened, and give relevant information regarding the incident.

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